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Hello! I’m Emma, a Holistic Health Coach and founder of EMpower Health Coaching with Emma Bowen

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Don't you find it ironic sometimes, that the only thing standing between ourselves and our dreams and goals, is US? Our own little beautiful and complicated selves.

I mean, you would think we would be our own champions, our own cheerleaders, the keeper of our dreams. But that is not often the case.



You see, often reaching our goals means stepping outside of our comfort zones, and our gorgeous little Ego self gets worried if we want to do anything that is different from the normal routine, as it sees it as a threat, a possible danger situation. So Little Miss Ego will start to pipe up with doubts, fears and various scenarios worthy of any Hollywood script.


How do we shush Little Miss Ego and start to become the cute pom pom wielding cheerleaders we know we deserve to be for ourselves?



1) Seek out like minded, supportive friends who will sit there and listen. Listen to your fears and doubts and call you out on the BS that Little Miss E may be feeding you.

I know Bullshit is great for fertilising the garden, but it can also be toxic to our dreams.


2) Write, write, write. Start a journal and just put pen to paper. Purge all the ridiculous thoughts that come into your head. Don't filter, just watch the pen dance over the paper.


3) Read the above journal notes and ask yourself...."Is this true?" "Do I know this for sure?" Very often, re-reading our journal entries you will start to see a pattern.


Once the pattern is recognised, you can start to dissolve it and replace it with one that will help you walk forward towards your goals.

4) Meditate/Mandalas/Me time. Give yourself a breather. Take time out every day to either meditate, colour a mandala or get some quality relax "me" time. This is where the clarity comes in. Get clear with what you really want and start to map out the steps to get there. But first need to breathe! OMMMMMM!


5) Just START! Get it done. Whether it's eating healthier, starting a new fitness regime, global domination....the first step is putting one foot in front of the other. For it's movement that creates change and your heart energy that will keep you going forward.


As always, I would love to hear from all you beauties x how do you get out of your own way? What behaviours derail you and what strategies do you have in place to counteract them? Comment below and share your wisdom and let's EMpower each other to bring positivity, light and a little sunshine into the everyday <3 much love Em xx